The Fantasia series is a visual novel series done by azureXtwilight. There are a total of three games: two of them are completed, and the last one (which takes place 200 years after the previous game) was cancelled, as officially announced.

Who is your favorite character in Fantasia, Realm of Thanos?

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Fantasia, Realm of Thanos

Playing as Cheryl Nielsen, she moves into the world of Fantasia without knowing what exactly she is truly facing. There are four potential romantic interests, and Cheryl's basic duty is to try to understand one/more of them in order to bring about a miracle to this world and save it from the Demon Lord, Oswald. Never would she have thought that she and Oswald would fall in love, however...

Fantasia, Requiem of the Abyss

Playing as Valen Leingold, the only daughter of Cheryl and Oswald, you go on a mission to save the world. Accompanied by a variety of different characters (six are potential love interests), Valen goes and defeat Thanos, the main antagonist and Oswald's second half. However, betrayal and murder has shattered the trust of one another; will Thanos ever be destroyed...?

Fantasia, Momento of the Grand Finale

Set 200 years after the previous game and focusing more on the general plot, Lenarche Seleniarius, the main protagonist, goes knows of none of the characters in the previous games, yet she gets vivid dreams about them...


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